India Street Health Center is at risk of being defunded and closed!

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Sign Making Party
April 27th, 7pm
Space Gallery

May Day Rally
May 1st, 1pm
Lincoln Park

Public Hearing
May 2nd, 5pm
City Hall

City Council Budget Vote
May 16th, 5pm
City Hall

David Jon Timm
- Portland Resident

I was diagnosed with HIV in February of 2004 by the doctors at India Street. By April of 2006 I was diagnosed with AIDS. I started medical treatment immediately and by October of 2006 the virus was undetectable and I have remained undetectable and extremely healthy for the past 10 years.  My experience with India Street has been nothing but stellar. Not only are the staff knowledgeable and highly educated in HIV care, they are a family to me and my relationship with them has been extraordinary.  I owe them my life!

Lauren Besanko
- Munjoy Hill Resident

I was going through a lengthy interview process for a public education position when I contracted a kidney infection. Not only did the pain keep me out of work, it also came with the risk of blood poisoning and permanent kidney damage if left untreated. I knew of nowhere to turn but the India Street clinic. I contacted them, they set me right up with an appointment, saw me for free and prescribed me antibiotics that cost only a few dollars. When I fell through the cracks of this broken health care system, India Street was there to help me. Read More

Mike White

I'm 48yo, I've been HIV positive for 20 years, I've previously seen HIV specialist and a separate primary care provider. And felt like i was just a numbered file. In 2005, I started going to the India Street positive health center, and have since seen one PCP/HIV specialist. In the past 10 years India Street has been an all encompassing Healthcare provider for me. I'm alive today and in great health because of the personal, compassionate care I've received here. It would be truly devastating to myself and the portland, maine community, if the city council voted to defund the India Street Clinic.

Pious Ali
Portland School Board
- At Large

We need to look critically at the process that brought us here. Was it a collective decision? Did anybody meet and discuss the situation with the community members who receive services at the clinic? If not, I urge city leadership to keep the India Street Clinic open, take a step back, regroup all stake holders and have a conversation about what is best for Portland and the residents who receive services at the clinic.

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