The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

By: Michael Anthony, Homeless Solidarity Project

friends, comrades. save india streeters. what we are seeing develop between PCHC and India Street is the natural contradictions in the system that we have been tought to accept as the only legetimate recourse for unmet needs in our society, the non profit industrial complex.

whether or not we win and save india street, we need to build a working class movement capable of addressing far bigger, systemic problems we face in our society. many of the problems that lead to people ending up in need of services like the needle exchange provides.

no im not talking addiction, im talking mass abuse, exploitation, alienation, class, patriarchy, racism, imperialism that values our lives our bodies exclusively through the lense of what we have to offer the GDP and the never-seizing war machine.

we need a revolution. petty perenial fights to save this park, or that clinic, or this school, empower people to act, but we need to do more, we need to build real sustained resistance and power from the ground up, to fundamentally transform our society. or else these perenial fights are just distractions.

we need to ground these ongoing fights in broader systemic struggle, the need for revolution and practicing ever more direct strategies for resistance. or else we are just buying time, slowing down the reactionary undertow of late stage capitalism.

the world is crumbling, and austerity, is just the tip of the iceburg. people are eager for action, they want to see and support and be a part of something meaningful, something powerful, that has the potential of transforming our lives, our relationships, to one another, and the world around us.

we need to stand together, and we need to fight, and we need to call out these capitalist non profits, just as much as we need to call out corporate executives, and politician. We need to hold them all acountable for mantaining these systems of oppression, and competition, that divide our communities, and alienate us from one another, and the resources we need to survive.

at some point, better sooner then later, we need to take a stand, and defend our communities resources, and develop our own forms of counter power in managing them, whatever it takes.

Join us May Day, Portland Maine. 1pm Lincoln park. Wear red. Come prepared to march and for anything.
#solidarity #classwar #portlandmaine